Q: What is a highlight film? How is this different from a traditional wedding video?

A: Our highlight films truly tell the story of your wedding day through beautiful imagery and natural sound such as your vows and toasts. Your wedding day is filmed using the latest 4K UHD cameras and lenses in order to achieve the cinematic look and feel our films are known for.

We edit your full day of footage to a concise, authentic film that you will want to watch again and share with friends. We also include your full ceremony, full versions of toasts and all formal dances with every package. This allows the best of both worlds - an artistic film and a separate set of documentary films on one album.

Q: Why invest in a quality wedding film? I already have a great photographer to capture my day.

A: Your wedding day is one of the most celebrated days of your life. We believe that budgeting for an amazing photographer and wedding filmmaker is a necessity and should be one of the top decisions you make when planning your wedding day. You have spent months deciding on each and every detail. Your wedding film will allow you to relive not only the sights but also the sounds and atmosphere of your special day for a lifetime. Trust our award-winning studio to utilize over 15 years of industry experience to create the perfect wedding film to share with your family for generations to come. And – we work wonderfully with photographers as one of Atlanta's most referred video studios.

Q: What packages do you offer? Can we customize our package to suite our needs?

A: This is a very common question we get from couples. We customize each package to fit your wedding details, timeline and goals for your film. Our investment page provides a great starting point to creating your custom package. From there we work with you to make recommendations on hours of coverage or other options to build the perfect package. If you are shopping based solely on budget, we may not be your best option. However, if you are looking for a highly experienced and well trusted team to capture your wedding day, this is just what we are known for.

Q: How long with it take to receive my final wedding film on DVD?

A: We believe that you should not have to wait half of a year or longer to receive your final wedding DVDs. We only accept a limited number of weddings each year, allowing us the time to craft your full album often within 8 weeks without compromising on quality or artistry. This is a key difference that sets us apart from the majority of wedding studios and we take this commitment very seriously. We also complete your Instagram teaser video within a few days of your wedding as a 'sneak peak' that you can share.

Q: Who is Atlanta Wedding Productions and who will actually be filming my event?

A: Atlanta Wedding Productions is a boutique wedding film studio based in Atlanta, GA. Our studio is recognized by clients and wedding professionals as one of the top wedding film companies in the Southeast. Mike and his team have over 15 years of industry experience and are honored to have won the first-ever Allie Award for Best Wedding Videography in 2017! We are a dedicated vendor partner with some of the Southeast's most premier venues including Cherokee Town Club, The St. Regis, Piedmont Driving Club, The Fox Theater, Sea Island, Old Edwards Inn and Spa, Capital City Club, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Atlanta History Center, The Mansion at Forsyth in Savannah and many more.

Q: Will your filming of my event be disruptive? I do not want my day to be a production.

A: Our goal is to capture the genuine moments from your wedding day. Therefore, we do not stage shots or treat your wedding day like a Hollywood movie shoot. In fact, most clients mention after their wedding that they did not even notice us, yet loved all of the candid shots that we were able to capture.

Q: Are you available and how do we reserve our date?

A: We are happy to check availability for your wedding date - just contact us to begin the simple process. Booking is also very straight-forward. We will put together your customized package options and agreement online. Once you are ready, just select your package to reserve your date with us.